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Vintage 1930s Elsa Schiaparelli Jacket

Vintage 1930s Elsa Schiaparelli Jacket It’s impossible to think of clothes from the 1930s without putting Elsa Schiaparelli at the forefront of the category.The figure-embracing constructions of Schiaparelli’s designs is exemplified perfectly by this vintage 1930s bolero jacket reflect a reverence for what she referred to as the “architecture” of the human form. The bolero [...]

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1950s Vintage Embroidered Dress Pashtun Afghanistan

Vintage Embroidered Dress 1950s Pashtun (Afghanistan) True Bohemian chic. Vintage black 1950s Pashtun dress from the source – the estate of a diplomat who lived in Afghanistan – features embroidery to beat the band, trimmed with bullion ribbon with wonderful patina. Mirrors have true age.  Short zipper at nape of neck with side zipper, as [...]

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