About Kakkoii Mono

About Vintage Clothing by Kakkoii MonoKakkoii Mono (pronounced Kä´·kō·ē Mō´·nō) is Japanese and means “cool things”.

Owner Ellen Flanz spent her childhood overseas. Several years living in Japan had a far-reaching impact on both her world outlook and interest in the arts. After living in Japan, and later Greece, Miss Flanz continued to explore the world and travel internationally, and received degrees in both art history and design. Her lifelong passion for, and curiousity about, art, fashion, and the world at large are embodied in the aesthetic sensibilities and approach to design that you will find here. The collection presented reflects an attention to detail and discerning taste that has been cultivated through years of exposure to a vast array of visually striking objects – kakkoii mono.

Kakkoii Mono’s collection is sourced almost exclusively from former owners directly. We are thus frequently able to pass on provenance and historical anecdotes to our customers. In pursuit of treasure we pore through closets, attics, and basements distant and near. The decision to work and source in a locale that necessitates that we patiently wait behind the wheel on a dirt road to a rancher’s house while the cattle move aside, or make frequent use of a headlamp (‘tis a glamorous job to be sure), is a choice for which the advantages are evidenced in the variety and quality of the collection. We literally go to the ends of the earth – or at least beyond the end of the paved road – to be able to offer a comprehensive array of vintage finery.

Vintage is the physical manifestation of happenstance. It becomes the most mercurial of quests, as the goal cannot always be known. Should you raise one eyebrow in perplexity, we hope that the other soon meets it in delight and that you discover some serendipity as you visit with us. As unique as we know that you are, you are understood here.

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