Where Does Vintage Clothing Come From – Truly?

by Ellen Flanz, Bozeman Mont on April 4, 2012

Where Does Vintage Clothing Come From – Truly?

We all know that many people love vintage clothing because we feel it tells us stories. Equally rich are the stories behind how vintage pieces find their way to market.

The resources that go into finding worthy pieces are beyond what the average bear could withstand. When a client discovers a must-have piece that was hard-won, it’s incredibly rewarding work. This is not hyperbole: one woman broke down in tears after serendipitously finding the exact same purse given to her by her father when she was a child in the 1950s.

For the casual hunter of genuine vintage, the modi operandi are usually:

- regular visits to a circle of thrift shops
- eBay, etsy
- the occasional garage or estate sale
- accepting an item that belonged to the just-deceased aunt or uncle of an acquaintance who knows that, you know, you like that “old stuff” and they thought of you

None of the above are consistent methods for amassing a collection that allows one to be a reliable source of good vintage. Additionally, you will be asked to do this many times over. Vintage dealers are not public lending libraries. These pieces are for purchase, not rental, and you will be asked again and again.

Imagine, if you will -

The text arrives at 3:00 pm. A stylist is looking for enough suits, shirts, and accessories to outfit someone for a 5-city promotional tour for their upcoming film. And can you get them out the door the next day?

The answer: you do it, because you can.

And the reason that you can fulfill this need is that you have driven tens of thousands of miles, gone through hundreds of closets, basements, and unspeakable places to create a collection that is sought after.

Click here to view the collection if you haven’t already. Perhaps with a new understanding and appreciation. Below for your enjoyment: real photos, real people, real vintage. These are photos of individuals whose estates I have been lucky – and industrious – enough to have reviewed.

vintage mens clothing Kakkoii Mono

1930s dapper dandy - 6'2", eyes of blue. Could you equal that inseam?

vintage mens clothing Kakkoii Mono

An original genuine Range Rider, never went out-of-doors without a hat

vintage mens clothing Kakkoii Mono

Where vintage comes from

vintage womens clothing Kakkoii Mono

Cecilia. Next time you're having your portrait taken, remember Cecilia.

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