1960s Eyeglasses – Gary Oldman Glasses

by Ellen Flanz, Bozeman Mont on February 27, 2012

1960s Eyeglasses – Gary Oldman Glasses

vintage mens clothing 1960s glasses Gary Oldman

vintage 1960s eyeglasses

1960s eyeglasses. Gary Oldman style. Which certainly tips its hat to Michael Caine style. How else to describe these vintage 1960s eyeglasses with combination a frame and sleek modern style? You can search online – we’re not alone in our thinking that “Michael Caine” and “bitchin’ vintage eyewear frame” should be synonymous. Few had better style when it came to eyewear. And now Gary Oldman seems to have taken hold of the proverbial spectacular spectacle reins.

vintage clothing Gary Oldman glasses Kakkoii Mono

Gary Oldman's nod to vintage

Tortoise-look combination frame with modern geometric cut-out chrome temples. A bit of the old, a bit of the new in these 1960s glasses. See more photos and purchase these vintage 1960s eyeglasses.

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