Vintage Striped Blazer, Made To Measure Custom Jacket

by Ellen Flanz, Bozeman Mont on January 17, 2012

Vintage Striped Blazer, Made To Measure Custom Jacket

vintage mens clothing custom blazer made to measure

vintage custom blazer, multicolor stripes

The custom blazer. Or, The Custom Blazer. And Kakkoii Mono has more than one with a delightful provenance. Finding this particular estate was a true lightning strike. I am thrilled to offer several jackets and suits that were custom-made for a wonderfully inspiring man. This vintage made to measure custom blazer is part of this trove. The European tailor (Greek, to be specific) is still alive, and we had an amusing conversation about his former customer.) Often, I’m lucky enough to visit with the owners of the pieces that I add to the collection. Sometimes, I’m not that fortunate but, curious (to a fault, some might say) and persevering, I find some nuggets. The obituary for the former owner of a collection of bespoke suits and jackets in the Kakkoii Mono vintage men’s clothing collection is such a nugget. From his obituary:

“The Fabulous Four is one man short these days.

Never heard of the Fab Four? That’s an old nickname for a group of men who used to show up for almost every Lincoln City Council meeting and weigh in on many an issue.

So many that three years ago the council cut in half the amount of “open mic” time the public is allowed to address the council on any issue…

… But when an issue got him fired up, the retired Realtor’s long, skinny legs would carry him to city hall — sometimes in shorts and long, dark stockings — where he’d wag his bony finger at the council to make a point.

Sometimes, he’d go off on a tangent and never find his way back to the point.

Sometimes he’d pound his fist on the lectern.

Or stare down a council member.”

vintage mens clothing custom blazer made to measure jacket

vintage striped blazer, made to measure

Long, dark stockings aside (and c’mon, when you hit 80 you’re entitled), this man was a natty dresser. We’ll say it again in a moment: behold. Regard the lining he selected for this jacket (and all of his jackets and suits.)

Light and medium gray wide striped wool vintage striped blazer accented with black, yellow, and red. And then there’s The Lining. This gentleman had all of his custom-made jackets and suits lined in the most sartorially splendid prints. Behold. Jewel-toned lining paired with an orange, yellow, blue, and white patterned lining for the pockets.

Click the link to see more detail photos and buy this vintage made to measure custom blazer.

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