Vintage Alaskan Ivory Bola Tie

by Ellen Flanz, Bozeman Mont on January 16, 2012

Vintage Alaskan Ivory Bola Tie

vintage mens clothing Alaskan ivory bola tie

vintage walrus ivory Alaskan bola tie

Bola ties – even for those who’ve never dug deep enough to find that inner vintage-fashion-for-men statement, there’s a bola tie answer for you. This fetching example, a vintage Alaskan ivory bola tie, made from walrus ivory, depicts a fierce duel over a seal – my bet’s on the polar bear, but I’m sure the Eskimo will give it his all. More refined than the usual walrus ivory tourist trade pieces, usually scrimshaw, and especially with the added ivory ends – a classy touch over metal tips.

See more photos (you won’t want to miss the fine details of the bola) and purchase this vintage Alaskan ivory bola tie.

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