Vintage Paper Dresses – 1960s Paper Dresses

by Ellen Flanz, Bozeman Mont on January 15, 2012

Vintage Paper Dresses – 1960s Paper Dresses

vintage clothing womens paper dresses Souper dress

vintage 1960s Warhol "Souper Dress" paper dress

Paper dresses have lost none of their steam as desirable collectibles. The Andy Warhol Souper Dress paper dress remains one of the most popular, featuring the screened images of Campbell’s soup cans. Not the rarest of paper dresses, it continues to command extremely high prices because of its instant appealing impact. What exactly is that high price? At retail, through a reputable dealer one should expect prices around $8,000, and possibly higher. I’m not pulling that number out of thin air – please don’t rely upon eBay to understand this market. If you’re interested in collecting 1960s paper dresses, I encourage you to pay attention to hammer prices at such establishments as Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Please keep in mind that auction prices are not retail prices.

Not all vintage paper dresses are as dear. As with collecting anything, follow your fancy. Buy the pieces that you love. Paper dresses came in so many styles and patterns, and can be found at so many price points, that you can be as idiosyncratic in building your collection as you choose.

vintage clothing womens paper dresses Butterfinger

vintage Butterfinger paper dress

Does your fancy run to food? You’re in luck. How about a vintage Butterfinger paper dress? Or perhaps a Baby Ruth bar is more your speed. And you can wash them both down with a snort of Seagram’s. Really. All of these products found their way onto paper dresses, and Kakkoii Mono has quite a few available.

You’ll find several 1960s paper dresses on the site in the Dresses category. Let your fingers do the walking and follow the link to this vintage Yellow Pages paper dress, and find more info and photos on all of the Kakkoii Mono vintage paper dress offerings.

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