Vintage on the road – where does vintage come from?

by Ellen Flanz, Bozeman Mont on November 25, 2011

Vintage on the road – where does vintage come from?

Where does vintage come from? Sometimes, often, the most delightful people and places. It’s been a busy blast the past few months, and the fingers and brain are a bit rusty when it comes to blogging. Stand by.

I owe a great deal to two friends whose help, esteemed friendship, and killer talent have meant more to me than I have – often, and crazily – tried to convey to them: the wonderful photographer Austin Trayser and my musical maestro friend Brian Hall.

People have been urging me for years to record my travels, first suggesting that I write a book and, more recently with the ubiquitousness of videos coupled with shorter attention spans, asking me to grab some footage. I started doing that a little more than a year ago, but things changed earlier this year. The members of my peanut gallery seem to have all at once conspired to put more pressure on me to produce footage for ‘public’ consumption (more on that as the situation warrants.) To that end, Austin got to see – and now you can see snippets of – what life on the road is like. Vintage doesn’t grow on trees. It doesn’t come knocking on the door. The resources that go into acquiring vintage for Kakkoii Mono are myriad. I love being on the road, but equally love getting home. Along with Austin, the talented Matthew Sean Riley, and with a musical gift from Brian, we put together a visual.

If you’re interested in seeing a preview reel of Kakkoii Mono tv, take a trip over to our Kakkoii Mono google+ page. It’s a sneak peek so we hope to see you finding a circle for Kakkoii Mono soon.

Ellen Flanz vintage clothing on the road

Ellen Flanz on the road

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