Vintage 1960s Bib Necklace Everlasting Happiness Characters

by Ellen Flanz, Bozeman Mont on August 5, 2011

Vintage 1960s Bib Necklace Everlasting Happiness Characters

vintage 1960s bib necklace Asian characters everlasting happiness

vintage everlasting happiness necklace

Mention fashion in the 1960s and you’ll more often than not be met with rolling eyes. Images of suede fringe, bad vests, and even worse headbands have given 60s fashion a bad rap. This vintage 1960s bib necklace might just make you a convert. Massive articulated necklace with the characters Di, Xi, Tian, and one more to be determined. Earth, Happiness, Sky, together representing something along the lines of “everlasting happiness on earth under the benevolence of God”.

Length adjustable by chain closure; minor wear to plating.

Very very cool provenance, as well. Check out some other images and secure your own bit of everlasting happiness and 60s fashion with this vintage 1960s gold bib necklace with Asian characters.

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