Vintage H Bar C Suit 1950s

by Ellen Flanz, Bozeman Mont on August 3, 2011

Vintage H Bar C Suit 1950s

vintage H Bar C suit 1950s fashion

vintage 1950s H Bar C suit

This vintage H Bar C suit is made with a warm taupe gabardine and has a soft hand. An unmistakable example of 1950s fashion, with a killer belt-back jacket that looks dashing either zipped or open. An H Bar C suit to make a country crooner proud. Trousers have a flattering flat front and full but straight cut. Perfect with a solid tee, or try it with a period-appropriate open-collar checked dress shirt. Jacket is fully lined.

From Vern’s estate, and Vern was a tall drink of water, about 6’2″. Vintage in larger sizes is always a score, and a vintage suit for a man of 6’2″ + is an absolute dream. We’ve got more of Vern’s wardrobe on our site, but see more pictures of this standout vintage HBarC suit.

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