Vintage 1950s Dress By Ceil Chapman

by Ellen Flanz, Bozeman Mont on May 31, 2011

Vintage 1950s Dress By Ceil Chapman – Brown Silk Cocktail Dress

vintage 1950s dress Ceil Chapman brown silk

1950s dress by Ceil Chapman

Known primarily for her complicated draping techniques using the highest quality fabrics, Ceil Chapman remains at the forefront of the best in 1950s ready-to-wear evening dresses. This 1950s dress by Ceil Chapman in deep brown silk features an extremely complicated draped skirt, balanced by a “floating” bodice with sheer brown net peeking out from underneath.

Long a favorite of starlets and fashionable women in the mid-20th Century, the designs of Ceil Chapman had a resurgence of popularity after Annette Benning’s appearance in 2006 at the Emmy Awards. After so much over-dressing for awards shows, it was a breath of fresh vintage to see someone in truly appropriate attire for what really should be an “evening cocktail” event. It helped that she was as lovely and elegantly comfortable as ever. She stood out, Ceil stood out, whose frocks once again are finding their deserved favor.

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