Vintage Rattlesnake Bola Tie

by Ellen Flanz, Bozeman Mont on May 29, 2011

Vintage Rattlesnake Bola Tie, 1960s

vintage rattlesnake bolo tie

vintage rattlesnake bolo tie

This unique and hard-to-find vintage rattlesnake bolo tie is a feat of taxidermy. A bolo tie like no other.

Where to start? Perhaps the cover of Rolling Stone – the perfect place, ne c’est pas? The Viper Room? The House floor? Not for shrinking violets or milquetoasts. The rattlesnake tail – just the idea is too much for ophidiophobics. This gem features two rattlesnake rattles just to be certain to rattle your nerves. Real rattlesnake head, fangs have clear droplet detail for venomous effect. One tooth (fang?!) on the bottom is missing, one cell on back of one rattle has breaks.

Rattlesnake jewelry.
Vintage fashion for men.
Definitely for Special Occasions.

See more details and purchase your very own vintage rattlesnake bolo tie.

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