Antique Tortoise Shell – Vanity Set of Tortoiseshell

by Ellen Flanz, Bozeman Mont on May 12, 2011

Antique Tortoise Shell Box, Tortoise Shell Hair Combs, & Tortoise Shell Fan

antique tortoise shell tortoiseshell fan

antique tortoiseshell fan

antique tortoise shell tortoishell hair combs

antique tortoiseshell hair combs

antique tortoise shell tortoiseshell box

antique tortoise shell box














Circular tortoise shell fan, handle detailed on both sides with fine foliate motif. If it weren’t for encountering a Victorian fan and pulling out the resource books, I would not know, nor could I share, that this fan is cockade. Yes, but you knew that.

We are also extremely relieved to not have to speak fan. Can you? Which dialect? The serious confusion presented as fact amongst all of the online lists of fan gestures translations leaves me “mute”. The US Patent Office has a list of registered gestures. Really. Here are some:

  • to shut the fan very slowly means, “I will marry you”
  • pressing a half-open fan to your lips, “Kiss me”
  • covering the left ear with an open fan, “Don’t tell our secrets”

Tortoise shell combs, one with gold-wash filigree decoration. Light and thin, not intended to hold your hair but to complete your look.

Flawless tortoise shell vanity lidded box; think outside the “box”: perfect as an extra special way to present a smaller gift. Tightly fitted lid.

All from the same estate. See more detail images and purchase these beautiful and rare antique tortoise shell pieces.

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