Whitby Jet Snake Bracelet

by Ellen Flanz, Bozeman Mont on May 6, 2011

Whitby Jet Snake Bracelet – (not!) Mourning Jewelry

Whitby jet mourning jewelry snake bracelet

Victorian Whitby jet snake bracelet

Although often classified as “mourning jewellery” (we’ve used the British spelling as it’s such a British Thing), Victorian jet jewelry often has nothing at all do with mourning. Victorian Whitby jet snake bracelet, 1880s. Head is detailed with eyes and mouth. Strung on flat wire band which can be seen – in all its authentic aged glory between the beads.

An important note about Victorian black “mourning” pieces: the word mourning is often not only superfluous, but inaccurate. Because something is black, it doesn’t follow that it’s automatically¬† “mourning jewelry”. The death of Albert and Victoria’s subsequent donning of black was a keystone moment in fashion. Black then became fashionable and did not always signify mourning. Think of it as very early Goth – women were trendsetters. You might enjoy learning more about true mourning jewelry at the comprehensive site Art of Mourning.

Buy this Whitby jet snake bracelet here – and see more images.

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