New Year

by Ellen Flanz, Bozeman Mont on January 2, 2014

Tis been a long time since updating the blog, and an even longer time since updating the site.

As frequent visitors may have noticed, website revisions in the past year and a half have consisted of item removals. 2012 was an extremely busy year for this business that necessitated reallocating the focus of a very precious resource – my time. Last year was a boondoggle that included 3 shows and travel to both coasts and many states in between for sourcing. The off-website venues for selling have monopolized time that was given to the website in years past.

In the near future, as soon as there’s a moment to breathe, the site will be reincarnated. I have made the decision to streamline the online presence into a photographic representation of the breadth of inventory – a lookbook, in current parlance. There will still be an offering of select items directly for sale.

Sourcing is still going full force, and at no other time have things been coming and going as quickly. If you are an Instagram user, please look for kakkoiimono. Instagram is the only online or social networking platform where I have shared select scores in the past year and a half (and will continue to do so.)

As ever, if there’s something for which you’ve got a hankering please ask.

kakkoii mono website

happy new year

Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunk

Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunk Circa 1920s vintage Louis Vuitton large size wardrobe steamer trunk with painted monogram surface and wood-strapped sides. All brass hardware marked Vuitton. Fitted interior includes removable small case, multiple deep drawers, and wooden hangers. Serial number clearly visible. Measures approximately 45″ x 22″ x 17″. See more photos of this vintage [...]

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Where Does Vintage Clothing Come From – Truly?

Where Does Vintage Clothing Come From – Truly? We all know that many people love vintage clothing because we feel it tells us stories. Equally rich are the stories behind how vintage pieces find their way to market. The resources that go into finding worthy pieces are beyond what the average bear could withstand. When [...]

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Vintage Charles Knox Hatters Straw Hat Size 7 1/2

Vintage Charles Knox Hatters Straw Hat Size 7 1/2 Hen’s teeth. Frog’s fur. Vintage men’s hats in large sizes. All of the preceding items are rare, if extant. This vintage Knox hat in size 7 1/2 is a relative Holy Grail in the universe of vintage men’s hats. Rich hued and finely constructed straw hat [...]

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Vintage Christian Dior Fur Jacket, c. 1960, Broadtail & Mink

Vintage Christian Dior Fur Jacket, c. 1960, Broadtail & Mink 1950′s fur- you can’t swing a, well, you know, without hitting grandma’s or mother’s 1950s mink hanging dejectedly in a closet when on a vintage buying appointment. An extremely high percentage of house calls include the standard 1950s mink coat, that one that cost soooooo [...]

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